Murano Glass Sottile is composed by several handmade glass “disks”, each of which displays a singular, typically Venetian glass working technique – the perfect link between tradition and modernity. The transparency of the glass disks enhances the play of light, creating intricate patterns of shadows and reflections that dance across the surrounding space. Carefully handmade, […]


Murano Glass Signorina inspired by the icons of high fashion is a glamorous and sophisticated piece that seamlessly blends the craftsmanship of Murano glass with the elegance and opulence associated with the world of haute couture. This chandelier is designed to evoke the luxurious textures, intricate details, and timeless style found in high fashion. It […]


Murano Glass Rigadin is a traditional Venetian style chandelier which features stunning details and a very high level of craftmanship. A true masterpiece for a luxurious, traditional interior. “Rigadin ritorto” style arms and cups contribute to communicate extreme opulence, as well as beautifully crafted charms which dangle from each arm. Each component is deliberately designed […]


Murano Glass Piovere features smooth arms, luxurious lampshades and a series of glass “droplets” which replicate raindrops. The glass elements of the chandelier are the focal point of the design, symbolising raindrops in various stages of descent. Murano artisans meticulously craft these glass droplets, ensuring diversity in size and shape to replicate the natural irregularity […]


Murano Glass Ovis is a traditional style chandelier with an extremely rich look, due to its double 24K gold leaf application on all handmade components. Each piece is put together proportionally and features unique coloured glass decorations. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the overall silhouette of the chandelier is grand and opulent, commanding attention […]


Murano Glass Opulence is a beautifully handcrafted and highly ornate chandelier made in Murano. Featuring beautiful gold leaf decorations, this traditional style chandelier is highly sought after for its distinct elegant look. Opulence is a breathtaking masterpiece of intricate design and luxurious craftsmanship. Elaborate glasswork featuring intricately detailed patterns and scrolls, lends a sense of […]


Murano Glass Nastro is a chandelier with an elegant, unique design. It is composed of a metal structure which holds numerous handmade glass “ribbons”. Each glass ribbon is hand-blown and stretched to achieve the desired curves and loops. This exquisite piece captures the fluidity, grace, and elegance associated with ribbons, translating those qualities into a […]


Murano Glass The soft curves which compose Napoli are proportioned and carefully put together. This modern and curved handblown chandelier is the embodiment of cutting-edge design, effortlessly marrying form and function in a way that captivates the eye and elevates your space to new heights of modern luxury. The result is an elegant, chic piece […]


Murano Glass Liberty style chandelier. Grado is designed to be elegant, sober, minimal. The clean lines are extremely well proportioned, and they create a grand volume without cluttering. In essence, this Murano chandelier with a minimal design embraces the philosophy of “less is more,” allowing the purity of form and the quality of craftsmanship to […]


Murano Glass Fiore represents the quintessential Murano chandelier; its effortlessly sleek and elegant look conceals a careful study of proportions. The intricately handcrafted Murano glass forms the gracefully curled arms, each a testament to the artistry that defines the iconic glassmaking heritage. With its captivating design and timeless allure, this chandelier transforms any space into […]