Murano Glass Estetica is a versatile mid-century-inspired lighting product boasts a sleek design with clean lines, composed by eight flawless glass squares which are each 1cm thick. The shapes created by playing with these small glass components make this piece a playful yet very elegant piece. Geometric shapes and subtle details, reminiscent of the mid-20th […]


Murano Glass Elemento is a unique and beautifully crafted chandelier, a breathtaking piece of art that combines traditional Murano glass craftsmanship with a modern, ethereal concept. This chandelier is part of a series called “The Four Elements”. Crafted on the Venetian island of Murano, renowned for its glassmaking heritage, Aria embodies the elegance and fluidity […]


Murano Glass Calla is a stunning chandelier and a perfect tribute to nature’s elegance. Its simplicity makes it extremely versatile, while its shape recalls a traditional Venetian standard. A great choice for a mid-century style interior, as this piece recalls authentic heritage traits. Each glass element is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans and arranged to […]


Murano Glass Amore is a simple, never boring classic and sleek chandelier which is perfect for contract projects. If you’re into bringing a touch of timeless elegance to your space, this classic handmade chandelier is the secret sauce. It’s like having a slice of vintage glam right above your head, turning any room into your […]

Alla Moda

Alla Moda

Murano Glass Alla Moda is often referred to as a deconstructed chandelier. The design fundamentals of the classic Venetian chandelier can be found in this design, however, the linear configuration of this product shows a new concept, which is not only visually pleasant, but very functional in many interiors. This product is available in two […]