Vision Icefall

Vision Collection Icefall ICEFALL is a picture of winter, cold, which creates a unique and transient icy beauty. The design is reminiscent of the struggle of ice and water, the moment when the glacier reluctantly succumbs to the ocean. The lighting fixture itself consists of coloured glass elements featuring sharp lines that change in the […]

Pure Coolness

Vision Pure Coolness

Vision Collection Pure Coolness PURE COOLNESS lighting fixture features geometric shapes made of sheets of material (plexiglass and polycarbonate), in combination with cool metal lit by LED chips. The geometric spiral created by the layers of suspended flat sheets creates the illusion of movement.  Designed by: Petra Vondrackova Request a call Pure Coolness PURE COOLNESS […]


Vision Calicem

Vision Collection Calicem CALICEM, like Indian Aestas, is inspired by a cascade of water. Fan-shaped layered chains are reminiscent of delicate cobwebs glittering in the light of an Indian summer. The light source is hidden at the core of the lighting fixture, behind chains in the golden colours of autumn leaves.  Designed by: Veronika Janda […]

Indian Aestas

Vision Indian Aestas

Vision Collection Indian Aestas INDIAN AESTAS is inspired by a cascade of water, which we encounter in nature or architecture in the form of fountains and waterfalls. Fan-shaped layered chains are reminiscent of delicate cobwebs glittering in the light of an Indian summer. Designed by: Veronika Janda Sindelarova Request a call Indian Aestas INDIAN AESTAS […]


Vision Quartz

Vision Collection Quartz QUARTZ lighting fixtures are inspired by mountain quartz and make an elegant addition to any modern interior. The ceiling light and wall light share the same design, consisting of optical glass rods of the highest quality, cut by hand and carefully positioned to imitate how quartz crystals form in nature. Designed by: […]


Vision Luminis

Vision Collection Luminis The light of the sea, a proof of the sophistication of nature, is the inspiration for LUMINIS, which shows the elusivenesss of the beauty of glowing organisms that can light the oceans. They have in themselves great fragility and at the same time strength. All these aspects are hidden in the glass, […]


Vision Cara

Vision Collection Cara Cara is the journey, the shift in concept: it is a fantastic wild flower that hides the spirit of blooming summer meadows. The basis is a wire construction that carries glass components, the effect elements of the whole design. It is a rich and impressive lighting fixture that does not deny the […]


Vision Verre

Vision Collection Verre Verre is a combination of sharp edges with fine and rounded lines. The contrast of these lines is further enhanced by a subtle decor emphasising the shape of each individual glass segment. Precisely hinged segments then form splendid spirals. Designed by: Linda Junová Request a call Verre Verre is a combination of […]

Sparkling Frost

Vision Sparkling Frost

Vision Collection Sparkling Frost Sparkling Frost captures the beauty of ice and frost. Just as blades of grass are covered by ice crystals on a cold winter’s day, the Sparkling Frost model is covered with glass hoar frost. The supporting and lighting part of the fixture is a central puck, from which a circle of […]


Vision Alia

Vision Collection Alia The main element in the Alia collection is a glass ball, its shape is deliberately cut off at the side to reveal the inside. This step opens up new possibilities for playing with internal and external space. The lighting fixture offers both a clean design, when the ball is complemented by a […]