Modern Design by Cristian Feltrin Weave is a unique lighting fixture features a dynamic arrangement of random metal forms, intricately cut to create a mesmerizing geometric display. The metal elements intertwine, forming an artistic cage-like structure suspended by a central chain, evoking an industrial-chic vibe. Illuminate your space with this geometric light, where the dance […]


Modern Design by Francesco Dei Rossi – Lucio de Majo Highly modular, hi-tech, elegant and precious, Vivace is indeed inspired by motion. Resembling the moves of a director of orchestra, this linear chandelier is a harmonious and dynamic piece which can be tailor made to fit virtually any interior. Its unique system allows this piece […]


Modern Design by Francesco Dei Rossi – Roberto Assenza Tetra is a sleek embodiment of geometric allure. This minimalist and very sleek lighting fixture draws inspiration from the clean lines and symmetry of a square, featuring a precisely crafted design that exudes modern elegance. The pendant’s square silhouette, seamlessly integrated into its structure, casts a […]


Modern Pill is the result of a simple, recognisable sign. The minimal and universal design of this lighting piece effortlessly communicates rationality and cleanliness. A void pill-shaped glass shines, creating an empty volume which amazes. The concealed integrated LED module guarantees the highest standard of quality, while offering a neutral lighting which is much appreciated […]


Modern Design by Cristian Feltrin Paradise is a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. This exquisite lighting fixture showcases meticulously handcrafted Murano glass elements suspended from a sleek metal structure, marrying artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary design. The Murano glass, renowned for its timeless beauty, adds a touch of opulence, refracting light with unparalleled brilliance. Illuminate […]

Ice Rain

Modern Design by Cristian Feltrin Ice Rain is a mesmerising interplay of nature’s elements captured in light. This enchanting lighting fixture features a delicate veil of radiance, evoking the tranquil dance of water, the sparkle of ice, and the soft glow of both the sun and the moon. Ice Rain creates a celestial symphony with […]


Modern Glacee is a breathtaking embodiment of winter’s enchantment. This ethereal crystal light captures the beauty of ice and frost with hundreds of sparkling crystal trimmings strung on the circular base of the chandelier. The glistening crystals capture and refract light, casting a mesmerizing display of brilliance reminiscent of a frost-kissed landscape. Elevate your space […]


Modern Design by Cristian Feltrin A collection that combines versatility and innovation creating an eclectic style that adorns and decorates with great personality. Ekle – a fusion of industrial chic and modern sophistication. This avant-garde lighting fixture with a sturdy metal frame and the translucent allure of plexiglass creates a captivating interplay of strength and […]


Modern Design by Francesco Dei Ross Carre is perhaps the simplest yet versatile piece in our collection. The glassblowing process for this lamp requires a carefully crafted mould, shaped like a square with gently rounded edges. The minimal nature of this design makes this piece highly sought after for contract projects, as well as small […]


Modern Design by Cristian Feltrin Our Bamboo lighting range seamlessly blends the timeless beauty of bamboo plant with modern lighting technology to bring warmth and sophistication to your living spaces. Each piece meticulously designed to showcase the natural elegance of bamboo. The range features pendant lights, table lamps, and floor lamps, all handcrafted to perfection. […]